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The Torrefaction Company

Our product

Our product will be the torrefaction production unit to produce pellets at a competitive price. This unit has a capacity of approximately 9,000 tons per year input and comprise dryers, torrefaction reactor, heater and cooling unit. One production line consists of two such units, which share at the input and output side some technical precautions like feedstock chopper and pelletiser.

As described, the mission and goal of BioLake is to develop and sell an ecologically responsible conversion system for bio fuels based on Agricultural residues. Next to that it is BioLake's intention to avoid large distances for transport of the raw material and also for the final product. This to have a system that has a short energy payback time and the least environmental pollution as possible against the lowest price per MJ (ceteris paribus).

In our view a torrefaction system or plant accommodates four of such lines, so eight units of 9,000 tons per year. This size corresponds with regional straw and hay output without too long transportation distances. It is expected that a factory build for woody input will not be different in size, although the output per unit can be slightly higher than is the case of straw and hay.

System specifications

  • Unique (patented) torrefaction system.
  • Modular based production system.
  • The optimum system for operation in West Europe from an economic point of view consists of 8 units (four lines).
  • Input approximately 70,000 tons per year, yielding an output of 48,000 tons per year.
  • The investment in this system (level 2011) will be about € 4 million.
  • The estimated yearly production cost will be about € 5 million.
  • Requires 10fte in manpower to run a system of four lines in 24/6 operations mode.

Interested in our product? Please contact mister H. Bais at Email Bais for more information.

This project was supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.